I have literally always known which I would chose, constantly known for metaphorically “bashing the nutrition bible” and consulting articles on Nutrition, I realised along time ago that a large percentage of the population are choosing to simply exist and unaware of this fact, they didn’t even know they had a choice.

I have happened to stumble across many different products, articles, information that claim to offer the best ways to achieve optimum health or vitality. The truth is most people will never really feel true vitality for a prolonged period of time, due to societal pressures, un-healthy environments, poor diet and contradictory information around how to combat all of these factors.


When I heard the word Vitality I always visualized those cheesy Flora Margarine ads with people leaping through green fields in the sun. My aim has always been to be able to do that, but really do that! The truth is real vitality or good health is achieved through a combination of approaching the mind body and soul holistically and consistently dedicating your whole lifestyle to this.

Over the last few years, I started to introduce ‘raw foods’ into my diet and felt the impact almost immediately, but I still suffered with low energy and moods at certain times. I wanted to feel and maintain that fresh post-holiday buzz, that euphoria and high energy of feeling good on the inside and looking good on the outside. I wanted to have my cake and eat it, able to indulge (20%) but loving the food I ate through a clean healthy diet 80% of the time.

Everyone gets on a ‘health buzz’ for a bit, after feeling guilty around January, for a Wedding, Birthday or some anniversary, but yo-yo dieting has been repeatedly proven to do more harm than good. With our busy lifestyles how do we sustain it…I couldn’t be one of those Nutriholics, who did away with all my cheats and goodies, after all life wouldn’t be worth living without full-fat cheesecake!


Oh well… Haha..I could never be scared off Tiramisu it tasted too good..I never believed in calorie counting it was too much like hard work and saccharin or sweeteners were far worse than good old demerara, plus it tasted awful anyway. I learnt whilst studying Diet and Nutrition that if you’re going do it, do it Full Fat and consume less of it in the first place….music to my ears!! This aside I have always known the importance of good quality food consumption and that this was vital to heading in the right direction along the wellness road.

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I found the complete “Game Changer” in 2014. I had so much energy I could have burst, I was literally beamed up like “Scotty” and zipped around like the energizer bunny, annoying my loved ones – a lot!

I had..

More energy – the right fuel in my tank consistently and conveniently

More Time – more energy = more time in a day to do the things I loved

The Feel Good Factor – improved relationships, physique and positive mental outlook

This was priceless, my life started to play a different tune with the combination one of the best supplements I’ve found combined with my 80/20 diet rule, the beat was more up tempo than I could have imagined… I had hit the jackpot…and I realised the major impact I could have on the after care of my clients, inspire them to live a healthy lifestyle in a very easy and achievable way. This is all done by simply going back to basics…after trying all the expensive detoxes, products and ancient healing exlixers…


Let’s not beat around the bush, please see my simple recipe for Vitality (based on a Taoist belief that more than 4 ozs is the perfect amount)

Directions: Include the following Daily

Main Ingredients: Raw fruit, vegetables, berries & seeds


  • 4 ozs Mediation or Relaxation
  • 4 ozs Clean Healthy Diet + Whole Food Nutrition Supplement
  • 7.5 hrs Sleep
  • 4 ozs Yoga or Exercise
  • 2 Ltrs Water
  • 4 ozs Do whatever makes you feel good

If your body were a computer these are the full access codes to living your life to the fullest. You can have it all and why settle for less, choose to live the hell out of your life and to love it.