eiki treatments can be applied to the whole body for a “full mind, body, spirit ovehaul”, or used to focus on any affected areas requiring relief from discomfort/ pain. Reiki is amazing as it not only works on the physical, but also targets any mental or emotional blockages too! 

The therapist uses the ‘laying of hands’ on specific areas of the body whilst the treatment is taking place, and is able to sense and ease any tension, pain or toxin build-up which can be revealed. Most people require 1- 6 treatments depending on the severity of the state of discomfort or imbalance/ stress they are experiencing.

During a treatment everyone feels something different and there is no one particular feeling you should or shouldn’t feel, because Reiki is a healing process through which a person’s life force (life energy) is activated and enhanced by the channelling of Universal energy and after all we all heal differently.

The stimulation of the bodies natural healing processes is at the centre of all therapies offered at The Healing Heart and Reiki is a wonderful way to relax and acheive this, most find that after repeat sessions that not only is it effective for pain or tension relief, but also for bringing about a state of ‘inner peace’ or bliss –  a welcome break from the ‘daily grind’!

The treatment can easily be performed on a chair or couch, without the need to remove clothing. This is a very gentle and calming treatment and it is truly a Holistic experience all you have to do is 1) Breathe, 2) Relax and 3) Let Go…