ress is something that sadly in today’s world everyone can identify with. When the body is ‘stressed’ over prolonged periods of time, this can have detrimental affect on the physical body and the nervous system as it responds by going into was therapists would call “fight, flight, fright” mode, this in turn can cause aches, pains and other chronic ailments. 

Stress Massage is perfectly designed to combat this, combined  with a range Deep Tissue and Neuromuscular techniques it can alleviate many symptoms associated with stress, exhaustion, limited mobility, pain or other imbalances in the body. Doctors are now concluding that about 85% of back pain is actually muscular. Clients who have suffered with chronic pain for many years can find themselves feeling relieved, lighter, with much better range of motion, and able to enjoy life more after a couple of treatments.

This kind of therapeutic massage brings about the sense of health and wellbeing, helps to support better muscle and nerve function and is great for those looking to completely unwind.