New beginnings for The Healing Heart

New beginnings for The Healing Heart

Well everyone it’s spring — yippee! The season of fresh new beginnings, which is exactly what’s happening for the The Healing Heart!

This company being born marks the start of the a chapter of my life…one where I fulfil my life long dream and create even more opportunity to fulfil my passion of living ‘on purpose’ in service of you lot. A huge warm heartfelt thanks to all those who have helped to bring it into fruition – your unfailing love has been uplifting, your desires & visions have been mine and your support has been inspiring to the max!

I can excitedly announce that The Healing Heart will be opening in Hale, Cheshire and services will also be available in Burnage once a week! Can’t spread ourselves to thinly now can we? Take a look at the map below to see exactly where to find us.

The journey so far has been enlightening… may it continue in the same vein as we all grow, share and heal together.

Best Wishes ya’ll for Peace Profound 🙂

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